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See how much you can save on trading fees with the EQO Token
Your 30-day trading volume


EQO Token Balance
Spot Taker Fee (%)
Annualized Fee Saved (USD)

Perpetual & Dated Futures Taker Fee (%)
Annualized Fee Saved (USD)
Disclaimer: This calculater is for indicative purposes and only represents an estimate of rewards and benefits.

Reduced Fees

with EQO

Holding EQO tokens on EQONEX entitles clients to discounted trading fees based on their token balance. Depending on the amount, clients will receive a fee tier upgrade.

  • 10,000 EQO +1 tier
  • 50,000 EQO +2 tier
  • 100,000 EQO +3 tier
  • 500,000 EQO +4 tier

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